Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sitting in Kentucky

Gotta love wireless internet-allows me to update while I'm working in Kentucky! I feel like I've neglected my little blog lately, but there's really not much to update about in regards to Uganda. I have an appointment with the Vanderbilt Travel Clinic on Monday to get some shots. Yuck :( Other than that, I'm just getting more and more excited as Jan 19th gets closer. I've kinda started packing, but its mostly just a list in my head with some things in a bag.

It's going to be a busy, busy several weeks before I leave because my parents are moving here! YAY!! It will be so great to have them much closer instead of 1,400 miles away. Did I mention that I have the best family in the world? I love them and am so thankful for parents that support and encourage me; that send me half way around the world with their blessing and prayers. My siblings are the same. I'm a blessed girl! So between a busy work schedule, a trip to El Paso for the last time, helping my parents unpack, and Christmas-I'll be leaving before I know it.

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